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Où peut bien être Vladimir?

Il nous fait plaisir de vous offrir aussi gratuitement pour la période des fêtes une histoire en Français remplie de magie et d'images farfelus pour vos enfants et vous redonnez le gout de rester jeune.
Joyeuse fête à tous et merci de nous suivre.

It is our pleasure to offer your our very special Christmas gift this story in French that you will enjoy reading together with your children. We wish you the joy and magic of youth at this wonderful time of the year.
Happy holidays and thank you for supporting us.

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Tortured Spirits Chapter 5 The Competition

Here is our EXCITING new CHAPER 5 for the holidays.

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Tortured Spirits by Gosselin / Mahedy (Chapter 4)

New Edition:
Everyone is a Suspect!
Stay Tuned!
We will be working to give you Chapter 5 before the holidays!
Chapter 4 -UnSub
In his apartment Kevin couldn’t stop pacing back and forth. Going from room to room he was so anxious he began moving things around. He had told himself he wouldn’t make the same mistakes as the others and until he came to prey on the people of this building everything had been going well. Six years he had never been a suspect and now he was probably be on the top of the list. He was losing control and he knew it. There was something different here, something different in this place and he felt it the very first time he had come to kill. An insatiable urge worse than any hunger he had ever known seemed to push him forward. His thirst for blood and pain had no more limits and rather than feel invincible he felt vulnerable and insecure. The most unsettling thing of all was he believed he heard voices or rather a voice urging him and chastising him at the same time for his lack of ardor. It clearly spoke to him, when the wind blew outside his window or when the ceiling fan would hum, he could hear a voice buried within the sound of it all. It was hard for him to imagine himself actually pleading that he heard voices; like all those losers too afraid to assume their place in life.

The police had moved an entire task force into the building. Parked outside were a couple of swat vehicles and a mobile control center. Captain O’Connor was convinced that the search for the city’s serial killer had ended up here and that the clues to the unsub’s whereabouts would be found in this building. 

Glenda had not only been devastated by last night’s events she was traumatized by the whole thing. It was like a waking nightmare and every time she closed her eyes she could see a replay of last evening’s events. Sitting on the couch in her living room, her hands shook as she sipped her coffee. Everyone had praised her on the extraordinary calm she showed when helping in the evacuation of the room and the building. Right now she wasn’t feeling calm and she was having trouble staying sane. A sour cold sweat clung to her and all she could see was Robin’s body being slammed into the wall. The knife hung in the air cutting away at her neck and then she saw the head fall to the floor. The body seemed to stand there as if the shadow next to it was holding it against the wall.

There had been an evil spirit hidden in the smoke and confusion yet it was difficult to believe it had killed two people! This was not their world and she had believed that they couldn’t harness such malevolent power. Obviously she was wrong and now she had the responsibility to track that spirit down and send it back to hell. This building was the source of its power and somewhere on one of the floors and in an apartment was its lair.

She gave her account of the evening to a young detective who was brazen enough to roll his eyes when she had mentioned an evil spirit and the possibility that it was her séance that had awoken it. He told her that murders had been committed here before her séance and that she shouldn’t worry about it. If she wanted to help it was important for her to stick to the facts and recount exactly what she had seen. Realizing that he wouldn’t take her seriously she told him what he wanted to hear about the smoke and the details of the ceremony. He was talking with his colleagues afterwards and it was obvious by the way they looked at her that she was the butt of their jokes.

Glenda was surprised that Kevin had a lot of their attention and that he had even been taken to another room for interrogation. When he came out he seemed cool enough but when she hugged and thanked him for his assistance last night she could feel him shaking.

“They refuse to believe us,” he whispered to her, “their minds are too closed to accept the possibility that something from another reality, another world terrorized us last night!”

Another detective came and told him to go to his apartment and get some rest because they might have more questions for him later. He took her hand and gave it a soft kiss.

“I will be back shortly and you and I will get to the bottom of this ourselves, what do you think? Do you want to work with me?” 

Of course she was anxious to understand what had happened and here was her opportunity with the help of Kevin to put things right in the world. She returned upstairs to gather all her equipment she had used for the séance. There were cops and technicians everywhere combing for clues. Her stuff was now piled in a corner and a woman was beginning to put it in paper bags. She walked over to talk with her when she couldn’t help but let out a shriek. The wall where Robin’s body had been thrown was painted with her blood and on the floor was a bloody knife.

“I’m sorry, the detective told her. You shouldn’t be here but since you are, maybe you could help us establish the sequence of events?”

Again she was forced to recount the story again but wasn’t surprised by her lack of empathy towards her but they walked into the kitchen area and sat down. Glenda began reciting the events of last evening and the role of the people who had participated in them. She was surprised she remembered so much but maybe it was because she was here in the apartment where it happened or there were other forces at work guiding her. It wasn’t long before a clear and detailed account of what she had seen had been recorded by the detective. She was very happy that the woman complimented her on her observations and told her that her statement was the best they had received from the witness’s of the building. The only point that wasn’t clear was the role of Kevin and what he did during the séance. She told her that Kevin was very calm and helped everyone in the apartment and that without him there, everyone would have panicked. Although she also said that she was too busy with the proceedings, it did seem strange to her that she couldn’t remember where he had been most of the night. She didn’t share this thought with the police.

Kevin was very impressed by the show Karen had put on during the séance. He wasn’t sure how she managed it but he was grateful. The trick with the dark figure in the center of the room was a showstopper. That couple annoyed him greatly and he was glad he was able to get rid of them. Most of the idiots claimed they had seen nothing but smoke and flashing lights and the spirit of course. The prime suspect…

He would have to get himself under control before they really began to suspect him. One of the detectives, a young gung-ho woman with a hard body and a hard attitude was supposed to be interrogating him again later on in the afternoon. All morning he fought the urge to strangle her. He had smiled as long as he could but at one point he had to sneer and be sarcastic with her. That time she smiled.

“Why don’t you work for a living and find proof instead of trying to beat confessions out of everyone you think is a suspect.” He told her.

She stopped smiling.

He noticed that afterwards they were giving a hard time to all the tenants especially those who participated in the séance. No one could explain or understand how Jeffrey Skinner and his wife Robin had been killed in a room of crowded people.

*         *        *

The afternoon was turning to night and the investigators as well as the crime scene technicians were already tired. Although there was enormous pressure to find answers it was obvious that nothing would be found in ten days let alone one. Carlyle knew that the unsub was one of the tenants. She didn’t care that the crimes here were similar to those they suspected of the serial murders occurring throughout the city for the last two years. She was convinced the killer decided on making this building his kill zone and that he was the same person. ‘Either he was living here all along or he has moved in’. This hypothesis was not accepted by most of her colleagues. They were of the opinion that the unsub would have to be crazy to do that. Of course no sane person was committing these crimes Carlyle thought. Just because he was insane didn’t mean he was stupid. She spent her time going from floor to floor looking for anything that was suspicious. She found a storeroom filled with props for making a movie. Although she wasn’t an expert, she had worked on a few film projects. Most of it looked worn or used but there was new equipment that had recently been added. In a dark corner of the room, she found a dark jumpsuit stained with blood. Either the unsub was reckless or over confident.

Glenda met Kevin who went with her to her apartment. She invited him in for a coffee which he gratefully accepted. She was the one who was grateful, after spending such a grueling day with all those unpleasant people she was happy to spend time with a friendly face. As always he was courteous and after the coffee they began drinking wine. She asked him to stay for supper and finally she began to feel the weight of last night’s horror begin to lift from her shoulders.

Together they prepared the food. Glenda prepared the chicken legs and Kevin helped with the salad. She was happy that he liked the station of classic rock she had chosen and soon they were both singing out of harmony to their favorite songs.  

After supper the conversation between them never seemed to stop and she was so enthralled by her evening she even offered to open another bottle of wine. He got up to get it for her but she stopped him saying that because her apartment was small she kept her wine in the closet. They both went together.

Glenda opened the door and screamed before losing consciousness and falling into Kevin’s arms. Kevin stared at the black robed mannequin for at least five minutes. There were human eyes in the sockets of its head.

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Chapter 1-2-3- Tortured Spirts

New edition: Chapter 3 Sèance
Kevin allows his sadistic urges to get the better of him.
Glenda finds friends in the spirit world?

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Tortured Spirits Chapter 2
Following the first, here is the captivating second chapter.
Another resident has disappeared in spite of the police presence and the new security council. Everyone is on edge as Glenda makes plans for a seance!

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Tortured spirits

New! are excited to be offering you a free chapter of our new series "Tortured Spirits", at the end of each month. 
Click on the cover image to begin your visit and first chapter of this mysterious tale.

Kevin Maray is looking for an apartment and he is unable to resist the macabre charm of this twelve-story building which has recently been the scene of four grisly murders in the past two months. The residents are beginning to believe they have been cursed and that deadly demons have taken up residence somewhere in the building.
Kevin is not at all frightened by these rumors and has plans of his own for the people and spirits of "House of Cordier".

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