Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chapter 1-2-3- Tortured Spirts

New edition: Chapter 3 Sèance
Kevin allows his sadistic urges to get the better of him.
Glenda finds friends in the spirit world?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tortured Spirits Chapter 2
Following the first, here is the captivating second chapter.
Another resident has disappeared in spite of the police presence and the new security council. Everyone is on edge as Glenda makes plans for a seance!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Tortured spirits

New! are excited to be offering you a free chapter of our new series "Tortured Spirits", at the end of each month. 
Click on the cover image to begin your visit and first chapter of this mysterious tale.

Kevin Maray is looking for an apartment and he is unable to resist the macabre charm of this twelve-story building which has recently been the scene of four grisly murders in the past two months. The residents are beginning to believe they have been cursed and that deadly demons have taken up residence somewhere in the building.
Kevin is not at all frightened by these rumors and has plans of his own for the people and spirits of "House of Cordier".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Le sifflement du temps berce votre Amour

Une pensée à partager pour l'amour qui s'épanouit avec le temps.

Vous n'étiez que deux bourgeons quand le souffle chaud vous a effleurés.
Soudé à la même tige, le vent vous fessait frissonner. 
Vos pétales se sont épanouies avec le respire de votre harmonie.
Soufflé par le temps, votre amour a été ensemencé.
Ces rafales de folies ont fait danser vos pousses.
Les vents froids n’ont jamais su vous séparer.
Vos cœurs enflammés ont toujours fait
fondre la neige sur vous.       
Les chaleurs de l’été vous font constamment
rayonner vos plus belles couleurs.
Le calme et le sifflement du vent
vous berces sur le chemin de la liberté.
Toujours vos pétales unis, le rythme des saisons vous guident.
La fleuraison de votre amour est comme les bourgeons au printemps, elles reviennent à chaque année pour embellir encore une fois votre magnifique jardin.
Écrit en pensent à un couple formidable
marié depuis 50 ans cette année.
C Annie Gosselin

Thursday, March 13, 2014

L'esprit Déménage / Moving Spirits

De nouveau disponible gratuitement pour un temps limité!
New available Free for a limited time!

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L'Esprit Déménage Le vent siffle une mélodie, qui me force à rêver. Le tourbillonnement des feuilles me berce dans mes pensées... Courte description Une histoire poétique de courte durée qui vous entraînera vers de nouvelles pensées. Six pieds sous terre la vie peut être bien différente que vous l'imaginez.

Moving Spirit The wind sings a song taking me to my dreams. The leaves spin and one by one, drop gentle hints of the dreams and nightmares to come... Short description A short poetic story upon a new road where six feet under, life can be very different than what you had imagined
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Monday, September 09, 2013

3 fantastic Stories

 Economise on an easy download

of our 3 stories in one book for only 2.99$

available at amazon Kindle 

An exciting collection of three of our stories in one book.
1) Display Image Below
Carol receives a blank email with an image placement marker. She clicks on the link: Display Image Below. The image springs into life before her eyes and the world changes forever. A future of horror and a bizarre mystery awaits her. Love, hate and a trail of blood is in every image she begins to receive. Her worst nightmares appear in her email. Within those images there is a menacing shadow. She hesitates but can't resist opening her email again and clicking on the link: DISPLAY IMAGES BELOW?
2) Confiscated
A very special kind of pawn shop.
At stake is the willingness to trade one thing and...
You will be guaranteed everything you desire!
Of what value is your soul? 
There are the dealers, Jason and Sammy who long ago began the business of making dreams come true.
There are the creatures, barely human who hunger for the power and the energy of an unprotected soul.
This is the story of Ariane who pawned her soul for a song.
There is a state of being between here and there. Confiscated where nothing is what it seems to be.
3)Waking Nightmare
In our pain and sadness; we may lose our selves. Bizarre, allegorical tale of loss, dreams and visions of other selves.
Henri is being assailed night and day with dreams of a car accident someone/he has been involved in. He begins to investigate as his dreams and visions show him images of a family he has never known.
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